Our podcast 'Splitting Up Dot Pod' will guide you through the basics of family law by answering some popular questions regarding divorce, financial issues and children disputes.

As everybody’s situation is different, although our podcast is intended to be helpfully informative and thought-provoking, it cannot be legal advice. Find out more

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Our Stories

In our podcasts, we tell stories based on the lives of people we know which illustrate various aspects of Splitting Up which we think you might find helpful or informative.  In some podcasts, lawyers will speak about situations and give examples where they can say what actually happened to people or explain Splitting Up by referring to real-world events.  In some of our podcasts, we may have the people themselves talk about their experiences, but whether it is a situation we have encountered, or a person talking about their own life, we have removed or avoided details which would allow the people involved to be identified and so confidentiality and reporting restrictions have been respected.  Sometimes details which had no bearing on the process or outcome may be changed to further protect privacy.

Every couple Splitting Up has a unique story, personal to that family and the law in England and Wales is based on those who decide what is right having the discretion to reflect that uniqueness by applying the law based on ‘all the circumstances of the case’ as it is set out in various statutes and the ‘black letter law’ that applies to family cases.   Nobody dealing with family situations can give competent legal advice unless all the circumstances are known, and to be frank even lawyers may occasionally be surprised by the factors that emerge during a case: anything short of a full understanding of a situation renders legal advice potentially inaccurate, so our podcasts are not ‘legal advice’ and cannot be relied upon.

As with the other experts on these pages, there is no substitute for professional advice, whether as to the law, financial arrangements, pensions and investments or values to be used to base decisions upon.  When Splitting Up, like home maintenance or improvement, D-I-Y has its limitations.  If you would pay to get an electrician to fit a 40 amp cable for your cooker or a mechanic to fix your brakes, you should value your own future enough to get in other experts when required.

After Splitting Up, surely your life is important enough to invest in to maximise your chances of a good long-term outcome?

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