When a couple is considering separation there can be numerous questions and concerns about what happens next. From legal issues to concerns about finances and children, we have a panel of experts on hand to help you answer your questions and find a way forward. Limited and our website are not entitled to recommend a particular expert. Find out more

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We have shortlisted specialist, experienced and trusted family law solicitors who will offer you an initial consultation together with sharing some other expert services, such as mediators, counselling support or financial advice.

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We can help you connect with individuals who may be able to assist you on your personal journey. Limited and our website are not entitled to recommend a particular expert, but can assist you in deciding whether an expert might be useful and beneficial for your circumstances without entering into a professional relationship.

Most professionals are subject to scrutiny by regulators – for solicitors it is the Solicitors Regulation Authority and for barristers, the Bar Standards Board, but like with the Foods Standard Agency who check on hygiene for customer safety, regulators are there to enforce minimum standards and not to give recommendations nor identify the best.  Splitting Up is not a regulator, but we hope that providing a resource to assist people in that process, you will locate experts who you find useful and who might be the best for you.

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